Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The constraints in coco sugar production, the most crucial one, the primary limiting 

factor is the collection of the required coco sap because not all coco sap can be converted into coco sugar.  One way to make it sure that the coco sap can be processed into sugar is that the coco sap should not undergo fermentation yet or if there is any it should be very minimal yet. . One way to do it is to collect the coco sap within four (4) hours after the bottle is installed (see above-foto credit to Kolbi thru DA-PCA FO9). 

Not all coconut can produce sweeter sap so take note the coco sap source that can produce it. Pay a special price for every liter of coco sap, say P12.00  so that the "coco-pilot" will climb his "coco-plane" regularly.  Boiled the coco sap immediately upon receiving it to stop the fermentation.

Without noting the constraints above it is very hard to produce coco sugar. Producing coco sugar is very simple in terms of technology but the technology per se can not produce the coco sugar in a sustainable manner. The system should be established!   For more information  please click http://www.pca.da.gov.ph/coconutrde/images/sugarpdfs/CocoSugarFlyer.pdf 

If the system cannot be established there is no way to produce the sugar regularly.

But as Project Development Officer I should find ways some alternatives and options. I was thinking to show them (the members are mostly housewives) a very simple project. A flavored coco vinegar.http://www.mixph.com/2006/08/how-to-make-vinegar.html. Let's see what we can do!